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Educon Training and Development (Pty) Ltd. Is a skills development training provider.
We pride ourselves in the competency of all involved in the company, as well as that of our associates throughout the training environment in South Africa and those abroad.
Complying to the set laws and regulations regarding to training in South Africa is not a chore but our pride.
In doing the above we also commit ourselves to providing our clients and potential clients with the necessary information regarding their own compliance.


The CEO of Educon (Ria Mostert), has been developing training material for years.

● The material we develop are the following: 
● Unit standard aligned or accredited material 
● Full qualifications according to new QCTO requirements 

Site specific material for internal training - (this material would be aligned to requirements but will also contain the client’s own policies, procedures and work instructions) 


Educon Training has several Lead auditors available for ISO 9001/2015 We can assist clients with the following:

● Gap analysis for ISO 9001/2015
● Internal audits
● ISO 9001/2015 Awareness workshops
● Development of a Quality Management System


Educon Training and Development (Pty) Ltd. realises that Quality is the responsibility of all the Training Provider’s employees, and therefore will promote a Quality Culture within the organisation by means of sharing information, including employees in decision making and delegating specific Quality Management functions within the company to suitably skilled and competent persons. We will strive to meet the quality service requirements of all our clients, always communicate openly and honestly with our clients and all their associates to continually build strong relationships between all parties involved.


Educon Training and Development (Pty) Ltd. will continually strive to uplift the competency of our students by providing them with training done by skilled Facilitators and through Assessments that are appropriate, fair, manageable and integrated into their work or learning environment. We commit ourselves to strive to develop and make use of training material that falls within the legislative guidelines of South Africa to ensure that learners receive only training that is valid and current within the industry. 


The Educon Training and Development (Pty) Ltd. vision is to become one of the most preferred skills development service providers in the country by always providing our own employees with the necessary training and tools to continually improve their own knowledge base and thus assisting in improving the total Outcome-Based Education needed to up skill all learners to achieve their own personal goals. 


The Educon Training and Development (Pty) Ltd. Has set itself up with values tha  are applied within the company and from which all people involved within the company will not divert from.  We conduct our business and all services with this set of values and pride ourselves on it. We expect from ourselves and the clients we do business with, to acknowledge that underhanded business principles and taking shortcuts, will not form part of the value system of Educon Training and Development (Pty) Ltd.


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